Donate Without Actually Spending Any of Those Hard-Earned Dollars

Ever want to donate to an environmental organization, but then suddenly think of a million other things to do with that cash? Well, for one, we’ve all been there. But what if I told you that there’s a way that you can give back to nature without actually opening up your wallet?

It’s as simple as downloading the Fetch Rewards app and uploading your grocery receipt every time you go to the store. For every dollar you spend, the app will reward you with a given number of points. Once you earn enough points, you can redeem them for a monetary reward. Ideally, you’ll be able to stick to your guns and redeem your points as donations to a charity (rather than for personal use).

Currently, the app offers three environmental organizations that you can donate to:

  1. The National Park Foundation

  2. The Nature Conservancy

  3. The Clean Water Fund

To put the points system into perspective, I’ve spent a little under $200 at grocery stores since I’ve downloaded the app and earned a little over 2,000 points. So now I’ve got approximately $2 in my account that I can later put toward a donation (1,000 points ~ $1). The money may add up slowly, but it’s at no cost to you, and will benefit a great cause!

And if you’re looking to accumulate some easy bonus points, use my referral code V5KXG when you download the app. You’ll get 2,000 points after scanning your first receipt, and so will I.

Happy shopping!


Since I wrote this post, I’ve been able to donate $3 to the Nature Conservancy (win!). But after my donation, the points have been slow to add up. Don’t anticipate that every $200 you spend at the grocery store will result in 2,000 points. It turns out that most of my initial points actually came from welcome bonuses.