Green Your Search Engine

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If you’re not already using Ecosia, the search engine that plants trees, it’s time to give it a try!

How does it work?

Ecosia uses the ad revenue it generates from your searches to plant trees in areas that need them the most.

How cool is that?! You can literally help to replant deforested areas by simply using Ecosia in place of traditional search engines like Google.

Now, if you’re a little weary of putting your data into the hands of yet another company, check out Ecosia’s privacy policy. Unlike most other search engines, Ecosia won’t sell your data to third parties.

How can you participate?

Click here to download Ecosia.

It’s as simple as adding an extension to your web browser and making Ecosia your default search engine.

Does your participation REALLY matter?


I’m a big believer in the cumulative power of seemingly small actions. Even though the average search on Ecosia only generates five cents in ad revenue, Ecosia has been able to plant over 63 million trees (and that number just keeps rising by the second)! Just like any sustainability movement, Ecosia relies on small contributions from the masses.

So download Ecosia and get to planting! Our forests need us.

Have any other tips on how to passively contribute to conservation and reforestation efforts? Comment below!